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Spider's SC1500 series hoists are the market leader. Contractors made SC1500 their hoist of choice because these hoists make them more productive. Simply put - robust performance, industry leading durability and proven lower total cost of ownership offer the best lifetime value for fleet owners or rental operators.

The SC1500 Series Traction Hoists - Three Phase feature a gross load capacity of up to 1,500 lb and an operating range of 208V +/-10%, Three Phase.
Unit of Measure


Gross Load Capacity

N/A 1500 lb680.4 kg


N/A 14 x 12 x 24 in356 x 305 x 610 mm


N/A 101 lb45.8 kg

Travel Speed

N/A 35 ft/min10.7 m/min

Power/Operating Range

N/A 208V +/-10% Three Phase

Wire Rope Diameter

N/A 5/16 in8.4 mm

Wire Rope Construction

N/A 5 x 26 8.4 mm IWRC or FC Right Regular Lay IPS or EIPS Preformed, Galvanized or Bright


N/A Aluminum, Steel and Engineered Polymer

Overspeed Brake

N/A Yes
Overload Device1 N/A  

Slack Wire Rope Brake


Top Limit


Optional Accessories

N/A , Mid-Assembly Arc Guard
, Top Assembly Welding Arc Guard
, Wire Rope Insulator Assembly
, Wire Rope Insulator Assembly
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Seize End Insulated Thimble Assembly
, Thimble End Insulated Thimble Assembly
, Insulated Wire Rope Assembly
, Traction Hoist Arc Guard Assembly, SC30/SC40
, Zmac Arc Guard Assembly, ZMAC/1000®
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Hoist Cover - SC1000/SC1500
, 3/8 in. (10 mm) Wedge Socket
, Transfer Chain
, Face Roller for Drum Hoists
, Face Roller for Drum Hoists
, Face Roller for Drum Hoists


CUL Certifications

UL Certifications

Robust Electrical Performance

Robust Electrical Performance

  • Deepest voltage operating range-177 run volts
  • Robust components-sized to handle low end voltage
  • New technologies increase uptime
  • Field-replaceable motherboard to resolve most electrical issues in 10 minutes or less



  • Nearly impossible to jam wire rope
  • Engineered polymer covers prevent damage to expensive components and prevent debris build-up
  • Long mechanical part life

Field Tested Operation

Field Tested Operation

  • Most extensively tested hoist ever
  • Rigorous attention to field results
  • Disciplined redesign to satisfy our internal fleet needs

Key Features

Key Features

  • Deep operating range - 208V +10%/-15% Single Phase, +10%/-10% Three Phase
  • Electrical improvements extend component life
  • Long mechanical component life
  • Simplified operation
  • English/Spanish labels & Operators’ Manuals
  • Reliable load dependent traction
  • Controlled descent
  • Remote-ready
  • Power indicator light
  • Built-in overspeed brake
  • Hour meter
  • Polymer covers to prevent debris accumulation & protect more costly components
  • Optional secondary wire rope brake
  • Optional overload kit
  • Optional top limit switch
  • 1 Required in Canada