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Rugged steel rigging hooks and high quality steel chain expedite horizontal travel through structural steel safely and efficiently.
  • Transfer chains allow for 'walking' the rigging point by transferring weight back and forth from transfer chain to rigging point to move along a structural beam and around vertical obstacles without lowering the stage to the ground.
  • Makes it possible to transfer from the rigging point to transfer chain, to allow repositioning of the rigging point and reloading the suspension wire rope
  • Eliminates need to lower stage to ground to move rigging point

Frequently used Accessories

Unit of Measure



N/A 1500 lb680.4 kg


N/A 8 lb3.6 kg


N/A Forged Steel Hooks and Steel Chain

Used With

N/A All drum hoists
701086-1 Steel Work Cage
700903-1 Collapsible Aluminum Work Cage
701200-1 Low Profile Stirrup

Key Features

Key Features

  • Allows up to 24 in (610 mm) horizontal travel
  • Stamped metal tag shows load, reach and serial number
  • Serialized for asset tracking
  • Made by Spider in the USA