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Unit of Measure



N/A 4 lb


N/A 1.8 kg


N/A Aluminum Sections; Steel Connectors and End Frames


UL Certifications

Key Features

Key Features

  • All components fit through an 18 in (450 mm) circular opening.
  • Walk thru stirrup allows boiler makers to get outside of the hoists to work in the boiler corners.
  • Longer platform length-six 7 ft 7 in (2.3 m) sections create a 45 ft 8 in (13.9 m) platform with a rated load of 750 lbs. (340.2 kg).
  • Modular floor construction allows for individual piece replacement rather than scrapping the entire section if damaged.
  • No additional floor pins needed to secure components-saves time spent rounding up forgotten pins.
  • Safe Fix pins are the one step “insert and snap” method of assembling Modulo® platform components. Slotted pins are locked in place by a spring mounted on the U-frame or end frame. The red pin head and horizontal slot assure operators that the pins are fully engaged and the connection between sections is complete.
  • Safe Fix pins are lanyarded to the U-frame and end frame to avoid a dropping hazard-no cotter or hitch pin is required.
  • Some wall rollers fit in toeboard grooves of the sideframe. Other wall rollers clamp over toeboards.
  • Don't see the configuration you need? Contact your Spider professional for more information.