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The ST-26 is the product of choice for work in stacks, ship holds, boilers, digesters, power plants and similar areas with limited access, where a trailing wire rope can be a hazard.
  • Has the capacity to carry two people
  • Air-powered motor
  • Reliable vented transmission prohibits entry of corrosive agents for greater durability.
  • Reinforced midair transfer point
  • Passes through an 18 in. (457 mm) circular opening
  • Also available in larger dimensions with an electric motor by special order
Unit of Measure



N/A Air


N/A 1.25 hp Vane


N/A 120 psi @ 60 cfm

Gross Load Capacity

N/A 1000 lb453.6 kg

Open Dimensions

N/A 57 x 17 1/2 x 76 in1448 x 445 x 1930 mm

Folded Dimensions

N/A 13 1/2 x 17 1/2 x 76 in343 x 445 x 1930 mm


N/A 180 lb81.7 kg

Travel Speed

N/A 30 ft/min9.2 m/min

Power Requirements

N/A 120 psi air @ 60 cfm

Drum Capacity

N/A 235 ft72 m

Wire Rope Size

N/A 5/16 in8 mm

Wire Rope Construction

N/A Seale Construction 6 x 19


N/A Aluminum and Steel

Optional Accessories

N/A , Wire Rope Assemblies
, Mid-Assembly Arc Guard
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Top Assembly Welding Arc Guard
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Insulator Assembly
, Wire Rope Insulator Assembly
, Bottom Arc Guard
, Bottom Arc Guard
, Seize End Insulated Thimble Assembly
, Thimble End Insulated Thimble Assembly
, Insulated Wire Rope Assembly
, Bottom Arc Guard
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, 3/8 in. (10 mm) Wedge Socket
, Transfer Chain
, Drum Hoist Arc Guard Kit

Other Accessories

N/A 702049 Whip


UL Certifications