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Durable, efficient transmission offers workhorse performance with minimal parts and maintenance.
  • Controlled descent at half rated speed during power loss
  • Long-lasting electromagnetic brake; always engaged when power is off
  • Built-in overload sensor and overspeed brake
  • Reinforced midair transfer point and wear plates at base
  • Hour meter records operating hours for maintenance tracking
A self-contained, single line unit, the ST-180 features a working swath of 8 ft (2.4 m). Adding flydecks enlarges the ST-180 to 14 ft (4.3 m), accommodating two workers to double productivity. Contractors can add modular platforms or plank sections between two ST-180s to form a double line suspended scaffold. With modular sections, workers can quickly connect sections without special tools to create a maximum reachable working swath of 56 or 62 ft (17.1 or 18.9 m) with flydecks attached. The unit comes equipped with numerous safety devices to ensure safe operation.
Unit of Measure



N/A Electric


N/A 1 Ph 60 Hz 2 hp 220 V


N/A 10 A

Gross Load Capacity

N/A 1250 lb567 kg


N/A 37 x 29 x 72 in940 x 737 x 1829 mm


N/A 280 lb127 kg

Travel Speed

N/A 30 ft/min9.2 m/min

Voltage Options

N/A 220V single phase and 208V three phase (50 and 60 Hz models available)

Drum Capacity

N/A 1000 ft304.8 m

Wire Rope Size

N/A 5/16 in8 mm

Seale Construction

N/A 6 x 19


N/A Aluminum and Steel

Optional Accessories

N/A , Wire Rope Assemblies
, Mid-Assembly Arc Guard
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Top Assembly Welding Arc Guard
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Insulator Assembly
, Wire Rope Insulator Assembly
, Bottom Arc Guard
, Bottom Arc Guard
, Foam Roller Assembly for Mod Platform
, Seize End Insulated Thimble Assembly
, Thimble End Insulated Thimble Assembly
, Insulated Wire Rope Assembly
, Bottom Arc Guard
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, Wire Rope Assemblies
, 3/8 in. (10 mm) Wedge Socket
, Transfer Chains
, Philly Wall Roller for Drum Hoists
, Face Roller for Drum Hoists
, Face Roller for Drum Hoists
, Face Roller for Drum Hoists
, Adjustable Wall Bumper Roller for Drum Hoists
, Rail Clamp
, Flydeck
, Flydeck
, Ground Dolly
, Drum Hoist Arc Guard Kit
, Arc Guard Kits
, Adjustable Wall Roller with Non-Conductive Rubber Wheel for ST-27


UL Certifications


N/A Rental Only

Key Features

Key Features

  • Electromagnetic-actuated primary brake engages whenever power is off.
  • Automated emergency brake engages in the event of sudden or excessive downward acceleration.
  • Overload limit switch halts upward travel when hoist is overloaded.
  • Durable, efficient transmission exceeds industry performance expectations.
  • Motor and winch are mounted below deck to reduce workspace obstructions and protect components from hazards in the work environment. The drive unit creates a low center of gravity for the work cage, providing greater protection and stability.
  • Level winding winch automatically and neatly stores wire rope on drum, eliminating dangling wire rope tails, ground hazards and premature rope replacement.
  • Wire rope positively attaches to the drum with swagged-on cable drum hook and is supplied with thimble eye on the rigging end.
  • Specially designed control lever for easy operation.
  • Reinforced midair transfer point.
  • Reliable vented transmission prohibits entry of corrosive agents for greater durability.
  • 1000 ft version available in rental fleet only.