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The current hoists that are used in this chair are the Zmac/1000®, SC30 and SC40 series hoists and other brand traction hoists. The hoist mounts directly below the seat of the bosun chair. The wire rope enters at the top of the mast between the roller and the inside of the mast tube. The space between the two rollers at the top of the mast is designed for a secondary wire rope on a different hoist. At all times, the wire ropes enter the top of the mast in a straight vertical alignment. There is no reason to bend the wire rope or change its direction. As the wire rope leaves the hoist, it moves downward in a straight vertical movement through the space created on the bottom of the chair.
Unit of Measure


Gross Load Capacity1 N/A 250 lb113.4 kg

Dimensions (From Base of Chair to Top of Mast)

N/A 63 in1600 mm

Dimensions (From Outside of Caster to the Seat)

N/A 24.4 in620 mm
Dimensions (From Edge to Edge on Seat (Width))2 N/A 18.7 in475 mm

Dimensions (From Tip to Tip on Foot Pegs When Folded Down (Width))

N/A 26 in660 mm

Weight Without Hoist

N/A 38 lb17.2 kg
  • 1 One Person
  • 2 With foot pegs folded up, this is the smallest width