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  • SC1000 and SC1500 Traction Hoists

    Spider traction hoists are load sensitive, meaning that traction automatically adjusts to match the applied load. The units are lightweight and modular. Each model has a primary brake and a built-in automatic secondary brake which can be manually activated. An additional wire rope brake is optional for use in 4-line (or other secondary support line) applications. The hoists travel at a maximum allowable travel speed of 35 ft/min (10.7 m/min). All Spider traction hoists are self-reeving and allow for controlled descent without power. In the electric hoists, an indicator light confirms power to the hoist. The operator has control of a full power cut-off switch in case of emergency.

  • Drum Hoists / Work Cages

    Spider drum hoists are work cages with built-in hoisting capabilities. The wire rope is secured by a swaged cable drum hook. Spider's unique level wind system automatically collects the wire rope neatly on the drum. There are no dangling ropes under the work cage. Each unit has a built-in overload device and secondary overspeed brakes. Spider drum hoist work cages provide a very stable work platform with a low center of gravity. 500 ft (152.4 m) and 1,000 ft (304.8 m) wire rope drum capacities are available on most models. Flydecks can be added to all full size Spiders, increasing the working swath by up to 6 ft (1.8 m). Spider drum hoists can be combined with modular or plank-style platforms to make working platforms up to 62 ft (18.9 m) long.

  • Spider Modular Platform

    Spider modular platforms are designed for speed and ease of set-up, versatile uses, high load capacities and long working spans.

  • Rigging Products

    Rigging of suspended scaffolds all comes down to the support devices from which the stage hangs. There is no room to scrimp on this vital part of your suspended system. Know what you’re getting and demand the best. For 65 years, Spider has been building quality rigging devices in the USA. We were first to market and fast to innovate at the request of customers for applications that needed that extra performance to make their work more productive. We continue to custom design rigging devices today.

    There is a difference when it comes to rigging devices. Look for devices that meet the ANSI/SSFI SPS 1.1-1/03 standard. Spider assisted in pioneering this standard to help contractors evaluate rigging products that are built to a common testing and labeling standard. It’s the sign of quality.

  • Seize End Insulated Thimble Assembly