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The truss outriggers are designed for rigging on large, horizontal I-beam trusses or structural flanged beams. They are especially useful when the suspension wire rope needs to be held a short distance away from the truss.

Fits beams with flange width of 6 in (152 mm) or larger.
Truss Outriggers
Unit of Measure

Item #

Load Capacity


Minimum Flange

Maximum Flange

SA-4474 N/A 1000 lb453.6 kg N/A 28 lb12.7 kg N/A 6 in152 mm N/A 12 in305 mm
5019-01 N/A 1500 lb567 kg N/A 28 lb12.7 kg N/A 6 5/8 in168 mm N/A 13 in330 mm
Unit of Measure