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Item # 700989-1, LSR1 Limited Space Rescue Winch

The LSR1 is the most comprehensive method to achieve confined space rescue for workers on swing stages inside boilers, silos, refineries, penstocks, dams, shafts, water and sewer vessels, and similar areas.

For forced outages or where the scope of work is minimal, the LSR1 provides equipment rescue and with a second LSR1 unit installed personnel rescue which plant personnel are fully capable of installing and operating with basic training. The LSR1 helps plant owners, HSE and operations personnel achieve prompt rescue of injured workers and the very fast rescue required for electrocuted workers. The system's low cost and fast speed of set-up make it the attractive rescue solution for short duration boiler work or any confined space.

Specifications  · Key Features  · Safety Considerations of LSR1  · Engineered Sighthole Bracket for Side Mounting Using Existing Bolt Hole


Load Capacity

1000 lb

Without Extension Dimensions

17.5 x 38.7 x 21 in
445 x 983 x 533

Overall Dimensions

17.5 x 42.8 x 21 in
445 x 1087 x 533


165 lb

Heaviest Piece

149 lb


30 ft/min

Power Draw

60 cfm @ 120 psi


1.25 hp Vane motor

Drum Capacity

500 ft

Wire Rope2

5/16 in

Accessory Equipment

1329-xxx, Wire Rope Assemblies
4405-xxx, Wire Rope Assemblies
4775-xxx, Wire Rope Assemblies
4863-xxx, Wire Rope Assemblies
4897, Wire Rope Insulator Assembly
700947-1, Bottom Arc Guard
700953-1, Bottom Arc Guard
701074-1, Seize End Insulated Thimble Assembly
701108-xxx, Insulated Wire Rope Assembly
701305-1, Bottom Arc Guard
701353-xxx, Wire Rope Assemblies
701447-xxx, Wire Rope Assemblies
701990-xxx, Wire Rope Assemblies

Other Accessories

5/8 in lifeline, wire rope lifeline

Welding ground
1 Without wire rope
2 Fiber core

Key Features
  • Workers and equipment are lowered at the same speed - there is no risk of a platform operator left hanging in his harness above the platform.
  • Easy to operate powered system to lower workers and equipment simultaneously.
  • Stand-alone, self-contained, man-rated hoist and rigging
  • Lightweight welded aluminum frame
  • Includes level wind drum for smooth, easy wire rope wrapping
  • Overload device prevents hoist from operating when loaded beyond its rated capacity.
  • Built-in secondary overspeed brake
  • Disassembles without tools to fit through an 18 x 24 in (457 x 610 mm) oval opening
  • Can be used directly over roof penetrations or mounted to outside structural members

Safety Considerations of LSR1
  • Reduces hazards to rescue team by eliminating need for rescue personnel to enter the boiler and work underneath potentially damaged equipment overhead.
  • Limits exposure of original hazard to operators only - does not expose additional rescue personnel to risk present inside structure.
  • Does not require operators and plant personnel to wait for emergency services to initiate rescue and start first aid.
  • Does not rely on operators to recall extensive rope descent or other training on rarely used systems in a time of crisis.
  • Allows workers to focus on self-rescue or 'buddy care.' One worker can initiate CPR on his partner while being lowered - no need to wait for external rescue team.
  • Calmer professionals lower the platform and the workers simultaneously - traveling at the same speed to simplify rescue.
  • Typical accessory packages reduce the risk of weld-related injuries.

Engineered Sighthole Bracket for Side Mounting Using Existing Bolt Hole
No Topside Access? No Problem
  • Engineered sighthole bracket allows easier rigging when topside access isn’t available.
  • No penetrations required.
  • Creates an 18 in (457 mm) projection into the structure, allowing higher vertical travel and more working swath.


·  LSR1 Limited Space Rescue Winch - 2

·  LSR1 Limited Space Rescue Winch Fall Arrest Application

·  LSR1 Limited Space Rescue Winch Standard Application

·  Engineered Sighthole Bracket for Side Mounting Using Existing Bolt Hole


Brochure for LSR1 Limited Space Rescue Winch
(PDF, 1448KB)

Competent Person Training
(PDF, 1023KB)

Suspended Platforms Job Survey Sheet
(PDF, 46KB)

Compare LSR1 to Other Rescue Options
(PDF, 156KB)

Rigging Checklist
(PDF, 37KB)

(PDF, 625KB)

Troubleshooting Help
(PDF, 49KB)

Case Study of Industrial Product Offerings
(PDF, 10142KB)

Case Study of Temporary Access Solutions
(PDF, 10142KB)

Wire Rope Inspection Report & Criteria for Removal of Rope from Service
(PDF, 44KB)

Requirements, Standards & Codes for Temporary Access
(PDF, 255KB)