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SC1000\1500 Hoists

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SC1500-GHS Main

Spider SC1500-GHS

Spider’s SC1500-GHS is the first UL-listed for man riding, high speed traction hoist on the market, significantly increasing your productivity and safety on Guided High Speed (GHS) applications with speeds up to 70 fpm.

SC1000 and SC1500 Traction Hoists

SC1500 Series Traction Hoists - Single Phase

Spider's SC1500 series hoists are the market leader. Contractors made SC1500 their hoist of choice because these hoists make them more productive. Simply put - robust performance, industry leading durability and proven lower total cost of ownership offer the best lifetime value for fleet owners or rental operators.

The SC1500 Series Traction Hoists - Single Phase feature a gross load capacity of up to 1,500 lb and an operating range of 208V +10%/-15%, Single Phase.