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  • Sentry 2

    Spider offers a range of customizable, code-compliant netting solutions, including personnel safety nets, debris containment systems and work access nets, to maximize safety for your workers and the surrounding jobsite when working at height.

    Spider netting can be used for a variety of applications including barrier, cargo, circular, dust protection, painting, rock-fall mitigation and vertical debris netting on structures ranging from high-rise buildings, bridges, mezzanines, offshore rigs and beyond.

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  • Spider UpPro P2514 GHS - front

    The Spider UpPro P2514 GHS is the highest capacity man-rated hoist in the industry. With UL listing, a 5,500-lb capacity and speeds up to 60 fpm for guided high speeds (GHS), the UpPro P2514 GHS maximizes productivity in elevator installation applications.

  • False car Main

    Spider’s innovative false car offers easy installation, high travel speeds, and jobsite versatility to maximize productivity during elevator installation projects.

  • UpPro Hoist

    Increase uptime, productivity, and safety with the UpPro GHS traction hoist, the first UL-listed for man riding, three-phase, 2,200-lb hoist for guided high speed (GHS) in North America.

  • UpPro Hoist

    Increase uptime, productivity, and safety with the new UpPro traction hoist, the first UL-listed for man riding, single phase, 2,200-lb hoist in the market.

  • SC1500-GHS Main

    Spider’s SC1500-GHS is the first UL-listed for man riding, high speed traction hoist on the market, significantly increasing your productivity and safety on Guided High Speed (GHS) applications with speeds up to 70 fpm.

  • Spider Dual Monorail System - 1

     Precisely position curtain wall units horizontally and vertically with Spider’s NEW Dual Monorail System - a complete solution providing continuous, horizontal mobility for swingstages and material hoists around a structure’s perimeter.

  • Spider Glazier 2200 - 1

    The Spider Glazier 2200 simultaneously delivers mobility, swift speeds, high lifting capacity of up to 2,000 lbs, and precise curtain wall positioning to your jobsite along with optimal safety and code compliance.