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New Products by Spider Staging

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UpPro Hoist

Spider UpPro 1009 UL35

Increase uptime, productivity, and safety with the new UpPro traction hoist, the first UL-listed for man riding, single phase, 2,200-lb hoist in the market.

SC1500-GHS Main

Spider SC1500-GHS

Spider’s SC1500-GHS is the first UL-listed for man riding, high speed traction hoist on the market, significantly increasing your productivity and safety on Guided High Speed (GHS) applications with speeds up to 70 fpm.

Spider Dual Monorail System - 1

Spider Dual Monorail System

 Precisely position curtain wall units horizontally and vertically with Spider’s NEW Dual Monorail System - a complete solution providing continuous, horizontal mobility for swingstages and material hoists around a structure’s perimeter.

Spider Glazier 2200 - 1

Spider Glazier 2200

The Spider Glazier 2200 simultaneously delivers mobility, swift speeds, high lifting capacity of up to 2,150 lbs, and precise curtain wall positioning to your jobsite along with optimal safety and code compliance.    

ST-180 Propane.jpg

ST-180 Propane Spider Drum Hoists

Spider’s ST-180 propane work basket offers contractors an access solution for remote project locations with limited or no external power supply. It eliminates the need for power cords, allowing workers to perform a full range of operation and maintenance work at height safely, productively and reliably.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems

SpiderLine™ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System

NEW & IMPROVED SpiderLine™

The SpiderLine™ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline (THLL) is a safe, reliable, proven fall protection solution for ironworkers and those working on bridges, building construction, roof tops, and other elevated surfaces.  We now offer new base options for optimal flexibility regardless of the jobsite.  And our improved energy absorber shear pin prevents over-tensioning and improves tension indication, minimizing the frequency of part replacement. 

SpiderMod 4

Spider Knockdown Mod

Spider Knockdown Mod is a versatile, flexible, and cost-effective modular knockdown suspended platform that provides a safe, secure and stable access solution for a variety of projects. Spider Knockdown meets or exceeds industry standards and can be easily interchangeable with other leading products and accessories on the market.