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Material Hoisting

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Spider Dual Monorail System - 1

Spider Dual Monorail System

 Precisely position curtain wall units horizontally and vertically with Spider’s NEW Dual Monorail System - a complete solution providing continuous, horizontal mobility for swingstages and material hoists around a structure’s perimeter.

Spider Glazier 2200 - 1

Spider Glazier 2200

The Spider Glazier 2200 simultaneously delivers mobility, swift speeds, high lifting capacity of up to 2,000 lbs, and precise curtain wall positioning to your jobsite along with optimal safety and code compliance.    

Material Handling Hoist Kits

Material Handling Hoist Kits

Used for material lifting, capable of limitless height, the material hoist kit is a consistent, code-compliant method for using existing rental fleet hoists in material lifting applications.
LEO / LEO XXL Beta Max Material Hoist

Beta Max Material Hoists

Spider is an exclusive distribution partner for Beta Max material hoists. We now rent, sell, and service Beta Max portable wire rope material hoists & accessories in our 25 locations to simplify safe, reliable work at height. Beta Max makes confined and hard to reach spaces easy with their portable hoists. Control your work flow, schedule and budget with the most efficient and safe material delivery to any work level. Choose the model that meets your project needs.
Double Rope Kit

Beta Max Rigging Accessories

Beta Max Carrying Accessories

Beta Max Carrying Accessories